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a year ago

Don't Stop Me Now!

Don’t Stop Me Now! Notes

Don't stop me now!

What's the difference bettween a "p" and a "b" sound? What's that thing called behind your upper teeth? Did you know you can make a complete closure at the vocal folds to produce a sound? In Episode 2 of Hooked, Maxwell gives an introduction of the sounds classified as "stops" or "plosives". He talks about articulators involved and the ways to categorize stops based on voicing and place of articulation. Average Joe tries his best to create a stop with "prevoicing". Finally, Maxwell addresses a huge "paradox" of stop production and introduces linguistics graduate student and Bengali native speaker, Sree, who walks us through the fascinating four way stop contrast of Bengali stops.

Interactive IPA chart for reference: http://www.ipachart.com/